Prepare, prepare in MARCH!

Greetings, Friends!
I have been overwhelmed to say the least about all the choices for reference material (activities, etc., on we have for March! It’s been a challenge to prepare next month’s extra research pages, trying to coordinate it the way I have in the past. I finally just resolved to make a table that references the path through which the information can be found, and I trust that you will be able to navigate to those sites in the Children’s section without all the detailed screen shots.

ALSO, I realized I dropped the ball for some activities in January and February (Lot, and Lot’s wife, for example). However, I wanted to bring to your attention that there is an activity in the Teenager’s section about Dinah about avoiding bad association. That info will be covered in the last week of Feb.

So please take full advantage of the wonderful tools the F&DS has provided to help us explain the Bible to our children! (I almost wish we could go over the Genesis and Exodus Bible reading one or two chapters at a time, because there’s just so many great lessons for the kids.)

Your Sister,


I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and am passionate about helping others learn more about the Bible. I discovered a way to help young ones in my Congregation to get more out of one of our meetings, the Theocratic Ministry School. I prepare these worksheets month-to-month, to help young ones pay attention and learn how to get more out of the school.

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4 comments on “Prepare, prepare in MARCH!
  1. Roberta says:

    Thanks so much, I appreciate the hard work. Yes the many many choices we no have, I am very grateful.

  2. Chaney says:

    Thank you! Dn’t know what we would do without you!

  3. Jenn says:

    You DIDN’T drop the ball! We are all so thankful that you are taking your precious time and using it to help others. May Jehovah reward your generosity and the spirit you show!! Much love to you, Sis! Thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve done on behalf of your Brother’s and Sister’s and our little ones!

  4. Donna says:

    Thank u Tracy, the cong has an 8 year old that is attending the mtgs without her parents; she just joined the school so I shared the last 3 weeks of March with her. She used it this past week and she was holding up the papers and waving them @ my husband as u remember I attend from home. He got the feeling they were a hit! She returned the letter I sent with questions and the TMS sheet she did really well. I know u spend allot of time & effort on this, as u recall I do the TMS review which is nothing in comparison so again……THANK U!

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