April 2015 – More from 1 Samuel!

TMS_Wksheet_04-2015                   TMS_Wksheet_04-2015

Greetings, Friends!

I’ve posted the worksheets above for the Theocratic Ministry School in April.  There’s lots of exciting events to look forward to in this book!  David slays the giant, Goliath… David and Saul come to odds when Saul’s jealousy gets the better of him. Meanwhile, Jonathan and David forge an unbreakable bond,  David meets the sensible and beautiful Abigail, and David forgoes the opportunity to do away with Saul!  You just can’t make this stuff up!  😉

I hope that you and your family enjoy going over the worksheets as much as I enjoyed putting them together.  May Jehovah continue to bless your continued efforts to draw close to him!

Christian Love, Tracy


I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and am passionate about helping others learn more about the Bible. I discovered a way to help young ones in my Congregation to get more out of one of our meetings, the Theocratic Ministry School. I prepare these worksheets month-to-month, to help young ones pay attention and learn how to get more out of the school.

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7 comments on “April 2015 – More from 1 Samuel!
  1. Raquel says:

    Sister, these sheets are wonderful! My family and I love these and they have definitely helped us all draw close to Jehova. I can’t thank you enough.

    your Brothers,
    The Escobar Family

  2. SUE KERSHAW says:

    Many thanks for the monthly worksheets. I print them off the children in three congregations on the Isle of Wight (ages 8-12yrs). It helps them keep focused to learn from Jehovah & in turn helps them keep close to Jehovah. Theirs parents are so grateful and so am I.
    Warmest Love from us all on the Isle of Wight.

  3. sharlene peretini warnbro congo western australia says:

    thank u so much sister. i know they work wonder 4 kids but 4 me too! hugs to u

  4. Lacey Crigler says:

    Dear Sister, thank you for your extra research! And I’m not sure what you’ve done new but now I am able to access this on my iPad in PDF form. Formerly the widgets wouldn’t come up on my iPad so I had to download it to my computer and then send it to my iPad… Thanks for whatever you have done to make it easier to access!

    • mrstmitch says:

      Hi, Lacey!
      I am relieved that you are able to access the worksheets the way they are posted now. It took me a while, but I finally figured it out! Ugh! So sorry for all the confusion!

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