TMS in SEPTEMBER 2015 ~ And the Fun Continues!!

pdf version:   TMS_Wksheet_09-2015                     Corrected MS Word doc: TMS_Wksheet_09-2015

Hello, Folks!

Well, I had a great time with the Bible reading this month!  The excitement never ends with the kings of Judah and Israel!  You just can’t make this stuff up!  What’s even better, is next month we star with Chronicles, and get to read about the kings all over again!  It certainly makes for a more interesting TMS worksheet for the kids!

I hope you are all doing well, and that you take advantage of some of the extra research features on the sheets.  I’m trying to add some of the features of the NWT, so the young ones can continue to get the most out of the information covered in the school. 

Warm Regards to all!

UPDATE 8/30: I have corrected the MS Word version, and the extra activities at the end now correspond with September’s curriculum.  SO SORRY for the confusion!



I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and am passionate about helping others learn more about the Bible. I discovered a way to help young ones in my Congregation to get more out of one of our meetings, the Theocratic Ministry School. I prepare these worksheets month-to-month, to help young ones pay attention and learn how to get more out of the school.

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6 comments on “TMS in SEPTEMBER 2015 ~ And the Fun Continues!!
  1. Carmen says:

    Thank you Sis Mrstmitch.

  2. Cindy Williams says:

    Thanks so much!


    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Evie Andrews says:

    I’d like to say thank-you so much for these worksheets. They have helped me, and my 4 children, tremendously. I’m a solo parent so trying to keep them engaged can be tiresome. I too have made up worksheets and activity books for them, and its hard to constantly make it different and exciting. But its also time consuming, something I struggle with as 2 of my children are special needs. Meeting prep has always been bore for them and these help me to make it more exciting. You have done the hard work for me. So again thank-you so much. I didn’t know that you had your own personal blog. I normally get them off Ministry Ideaz, but they still aren’t there and tomorrow is our Bible Reading Prep day and I was getting a bit antsy as I didn’t know what to look out for in the reading and what go over for our meeting on Tuesday night.
    Christian Love from Australia
    Your Sister, Evie.

  4. Simone says:

    I am so so glad to find you. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put on to help Christian parents to help their young ones to keep focus and prepared at meetings. And for all your worksheets explaining our costumes and beliefs. They are the best for kids, they are simple, forward and with the pictures makes so easy for our children to capture the information more than just passing verbally why we don’t celebrate those holidays. What a great tool to print those out for our kids when we prepare for family worship and also to add on their backpacks.

    Thank you so much. Your efforts in helping your brothers and sisters it’s very much appreciated.

    Your sister,

    Simone Kamp, Seattle,WA

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