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December 2015 – The LAST Set of TMS Helper Worksheet

TMS Worksheet, MS Word: TMS_Wksheet_12-2015    Adobe pdf: TMS_Wksheet_12-2015 How to pronounce names in the Bible, MS Word:  How to Pronounce Names in the Bible   Adobe pdf:  How to Pronounce Names in the Bible Well, brothers and sisters, this is it!  Starting

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November?? Where did the year go?

November Worksheets, pdf format: TMS_Wksheet_11-2015      MS Word:  TMS_Wksheet_11-2015 Hi, All! Is anyone else totally shocked that it’s November already?  Well, I hope and pray that everyone is remaining busy in our ministry! I’ve attached the November worksheets. FYI, December 2015 will be our last

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Origin Of Halloween Worksheet

Origin of Halloween – 2014-Worksheet  (PDF FORMAT) Greetings, All! Well, it’s that time of the year again, and time to dust off the old Origin of Halloween worksheet! It starts with some brief descriptions of the origins of Halloween and

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October Already?????

Adobe pdf version:   TMS_Wksheet_10-2015      MS Word version: TMS_Wksheet_10-2015 Greetings, Friends! It’s so hard to believe it’s October, isn’t it?  Well, it was rough to come up with Bible highlights in the first two weeks of these sheets… Chronicles with names,

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TMS in SEPTEMBER 2015 ~ And the Fun Continues!!

pdf version:   TMS_Wksheet_09-2015                     Corrected MS Word doc: TMS_Wksheet_09-2015 Hello, Folks! Well, I had a great time with the Bible reading this month!  The excitement never ends with the kings of Judah and Israel!  You just can’t make this stuff up!  What’s

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August TMS – More Kings!

August sheets, MS Word format: TMS_Wksheet_08-2015                                                                       

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JULY TMS Worksheets

July MS Word version:   TMS_Wksheet_07-2015    July Adobe pdf version: TMS_Wksheet_07-2015 Hello, All! Don’t get used to it or anything, but I’m posting these way ahead of time!  (Woo hoo!) The kings of Israel and Judah will come and go

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