June 2015 Worksheets– and Good King/Bad King

June 2015, MS Word:  TMS_Wksheet_06-2015      June, 2015, Adobe pdf:  TMS_Wksheet_06-2015       Chart, Good King/Bad King:   KINGS OF JUDAH AND OF ISRAEL

Hello, Christian Friends!

We’re going to be wrapping up the life of Solomon at the end of June.  Which means it’s time once again for…. Good King or Bad King!!  There is a table attached above (and also included in the June worksheets) that lists all of the Kings of Judah and Israel.  If you so desire, your family can take on the task of determining whether each king was “good” or “bad” and why.  Of course, it becomes plain to see that participation in true worship of the True God, Jehovah, will be the determining factor as to whether a king is good… and can be a great lesson for our young ones to ponder.

There are also a few that start out good–and end up bad–and vice-versa.  So it makes the Bible reading more interesting, I think.

As usual, my hopes and prayers are that all of you Friends continue to prosper spiritually in this time of the end!


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TMS in the Month of May

MS Word Version: TMS_Wksheet_05-2015    Adobe pdf Version: TMS_Wksheet_05-2015

(Click on the links above to access the worksheets)

Hello, Friends!

It’s another super exciting month of Bible reading!  The drama continues with David and family… lots of great extra study activities available as well!  (Remember, if you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe to this blog by clicking the “FOLLOW” button over to the right, and will receive emails when future posts/worksheets are available)

Hope you and your loved ones are doing well, and looking forward to the Regional Convention season coming up! 

Christian Love to you all,


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April 2015 – More from 1 Samuel!

TMS_Wksheet_04-2015                   TMS_Wksheet_04-2015

Greetings, Friends!

I’ve posted the worksheets above for the Theocratic Ministry School in April.  There’s lots of exciting events to look forward to in this book!  David slays the giant, Goliath… David and Saul come to odds when Saul’s jealousy gets the better of him. Meanwhile, Jonathan and David forge an unbreakable bond,  David meets the sensible and beautiful Abigail, and David forgoes the opportunity to do away with Saul!  You just can’t make this stuff up!  😉

I hope that you and your family enjoy going over the worksheets as much as I enjoyed putting them together.  May Jehovah continue to bless your continued efforts to draw close to him!

Christian Love, Tracy

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Theocratic School in March 2015

MS Word:  TMS_Wksheet_03-2015                 Adobe pdf:      TMS_Wksheet_03-2015

Greetings, Friends!

Once again, we have so many exciting events happening in our Bible Reading!  We start out March with the Book of Ruth, and then on into 1 Samuel!  Great stuff!  I’ve referenced several chapters of the Bible Story book as a suggestion of ways to pre-study.  There are even some #2 and #3 talks with stories that pertain to them.

I added the reference of the Imitate Their Faith book, which really goes into detail about some accounts (Ruth, Hannah, Samuel)  So if you’re in need of some family worship ideas, there are BUNCHES!  🙂

I hope everyone enjoys the wonderful Memorial work coming up this month!

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FEBRUARY 2015 – Worksheets

Update!!  I have, I hope, succeeded in posting the worksheets directly into the blog page:   click on the links below.  So sorry for the confusion, and thanks so much for all of your patience!

TMS_Wksheet_02-2015   TMS_Wksheet_02-2015

Greetings, Friends!

I have posted the February sheets for your review and use… I usually sweat the end of the book of Judges, with that concubine of the Levite and the tribe of Benjamin incident…. Whew!   I can’t imagine trying to create curriculum for children for that section. 

ANYWHO, there’s some super extra activities that goes along with our Bible reading in Jan and Feb… I’ve highlighted 3 dramas that can be used for Family Worship (or anytime, really).  They are audio dramas, but they are great because it allows you to use your own imagination while listening to the drama.  Super educational and faith strengthening.  ENJOY!

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Theocratic Ministry School–January 2015


Greetings, All!

Can you believe that the year 2015 is just around the corner????  Yikes!  I hope this note finds you all well. 

Once again, the content of our Bible Reading is really exciting — lots of great stories that we can discuss with our children, and even have Bible dramas, etc.  Hope you can take advantage of this opportunity. 

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December 2014 – Joshua

Greetings, All!
The December worksheets are now posted.  December is a great month for Family Worship!  We begin reading the Book of Joshua, and there’s an abundance of tools and information we can use to help our families appreciate the lessons from that book!  There’s also a new Whiteboard Animation in JW.ORG on how to deal with peer pressure.  Take full advantage of all these wonderful blessings we have!  Have a GREAT MONTH, and I hope the weather doesn’t keep you down…
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